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1100 watt High Intensity Infrared Heat Panel

1100 watt High Intensity Infrared Heat Panel

1100 watt High Intensity Infrared Heat Panel
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This Prestyl Infrared heat panel comes in 120 volts or 240 volts AC. This heater is 24" x 48" x 1.5". This high intensity panel is in a smaller size compared to our regular 1100 watt panel. The 1100 watt panel is usually installed as part of a system. But can be used individually as a ceiling mount or suspension in a room approximately 150 to 225 sq ft. Area requirements are determined by temperature zone, and construction.
Size 24" x 48" x 1.5"
Weight unit 13 lbs, ship weight 17 lbs
Wattage and Amps @ 120 volts 1100 watts and 12.5 amps @120 volts AC
Wattage and Amps @240 volts 1100 watts and 6.2 amp @ 240 volts AC
Surface Powder coating
Package Dimensions 27" x 51" x 3"
Housing Aluminum
Energy Cost: example $0.089/kwh $0.09625/ hour average 8-16 hours per day [$0.77 - $1.54 / day]
Energy Cost: example $0.14/kwh $0.140/hour average 8-16 hrs [$1.23-$2.46 /day]
Features Benefits
Heater has NO Fans. No filters to change, less dust in house.
Heater has NO Flames No fumes, low fire risk
Flat Aluminum panel. Recyclable, easy to clean.
Heater has no moving parts. No maintenance required. More dependable.
Silent No moving parts, No white noise
Efficient Infrared heat warms objects not just air
Slim Saves on floor space by mounting on the wall.
Economical - saves money No maintenance budget, saves on energy.
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