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150 watt Infrared Heat Panel

150 watt Infrared Heat Panel

150 watt Infrared Heat Panel
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This Prestyl Infrared heat panel provides 150 watts of efficient radiant energy. Dimensions are 14.4" x 12" x 1.5 in. This can be used as an individual space heater, under desk, or counter, well house, or any where a little extra heat is needed, They can also be customized with your favorite image, or choose black or white.
Size 12" x 14.4" x 1.5"
Weight 3 lbs / ship weight 4 lbs
Wattage and Amps @ 120 volts 150 watts and 1.25 amps @ 120 volts AC
Construction Aluminum housing
Surface Powder coating
Package Dimensions 15" x 15" x 2"
Housing Aluminum
Energy Cost: example $0.0875/kwh $0.013 /hour average 8-16 hours [$0.105-$0.21 /day]
Energy Cost: example $0.14 /kwh $0.021 /hour average 8-16 hrs [$0.168-$0.336 /day]
Features Benefits
Heater has NO Fans. No filters to change, less dust in house.
Heater has NO Flames No fumes, low fire risk
Flat Aluminum panel. Recyclable, easy to clean.
Heater has No moving parts. No maintenance required. More Dependable.
Silent No moving parts, No white noise
Efficient Infrared heat warms objects not just air
Slim Saves on floor space by mounting on the wall.
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