What is Far-Infrared Radiant Heat?
Far-Infrared Radiant Heat

Far-Infrared Radiant Heat

The Far-Infrared Radiant (FIR) heat emitted by Far-Infrared energy treatment devices is a naturally occurring energy that heats objects by direct light conversion (DLC). DLC warns only the object and does not raise the temperature of the surrounding free air. The infrared heat rays warm the body directly. The body then absorbs as much as 93% the heat generated by this healing energy.

All life requires FIR heat from the sun. FIR heat is not ultraviolet radiation but a narrow band of energy within the 5.6 to 15 micron level. This type of energy travels 2-3" deep into the body to increase circulation and nourish damaged tissue.

The sun is the primary source of radiant energy, but not all of this energy is beneficial to your body. Although life needs energy from the sun, too much harsh sunlight damages the skin. FIR heat provides all the healthy benefits of natural sunlight without any of the dangerous effects of solar radiation.

For years, the healthcare industry, recommended infrared heat lamps as a source of FIR heat but the lamps were cumbersome, extremely hot and difficult to maintain at a constant temperature.

The Far-Infrared energy device, that we recommend, uses the same far-infrared heat therapy technology used in sports medicine to treat athletic injuries and in hospitals to keep newborn infants warm.

Health professionals have used red infrared heat lamps for decades to treat muscle and joint problems. In hospital baby care units, incubators are often equipped with infrared heating systems to keep newborn babies warm.

Life needs energy from the sun. The sun is the primary source of radiant energy, but not all of this energy is beneficial to your body.
Hot Yoga Studio

Hot Yoga Studio

This hot yoga studio is using Infrared Panels suspended from the ceiling to raise the body temperature while practicing yoga.

Better Heating with Far-Infrared Radiant HeatInfrared heaters warm the body in the same manner as natural sunlight, FIR heat therapy uses the wavelength of the visible and non-visible light spectrum of sunlight that heats the body normally.
Health Benefits of Far-Infrared HeatFar-Infrared Radiant Heat is very beneficial to you your health. Infrared Therapy is used for pain releif, can be used for weight control, strenghtens your cardiovascular system, helps to eliminate toxins, improved your immune system, helps eliminates cellulite and is beneficial in reducing stress.
Far-Infrared Therapy and Weight Loss     Perspiring is part of the complex thermoregulatory process of the body that increases the heart rate, cardiac output, amd metabolic rate. The process requires a large amount of energy and redduces excess moisture, salt and subcutaneous fat. Fat becomes water-soluable and the body sweats it out along with toxins.